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Video Podcast, The Daughter of the Regiment

In this week's podcast Dr. Nic looks at the first opera of our 2013 season, The Daughter of the Regiment by Donizetti. Donizetti was a formidable composer in his time and was the toast of Paris in 1840 when he had four operas running simultaneously at the city's largest theatres. Sounds a bit like Andrew Lloyd Webber, eh? Join Dr. Nic, Director of Education and Outreach, for an overview of this charming opera which logged 1,000 performances between its premiere and 1900 at the Opera Comique.

Video Podcast, Aida

Dr. Nic returns in our video podcast series. This week, he takes a look at Verdi's grand opera Aida which is part of our 2013 season. You can watch the podcast below. Enjoy!