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Samson and Delilah by Batton Lash

It's an embarrassment of riches - first we post some drawings by comic artist Eric Shanower and then, a few moments later, his colleague Batton Lash, who is the creator of the comic series Supernatural Law, shares with us what he drew at the same rehearsal. It's amazing to compare the styles. We'd share what we drew, but we're still working on our stick figures. Take a look at Batton's incredible artwork and then go visit him online . Thanks, Batton. Artwork © 2013 by Batton Lash. All rights reserved.

Podcast Friday - An Interview with Anooshah Golesorkhi

Welcome to 'old home week', or alumni day as we're calling it! Anooshah Golesorkhi, baritone, is making his debut with San Diego Opera as the High Priest of Dagon in Samson and Delilah which opens this week. But many local folks remember him as an undergraduate student at USD and graduate student at SDSU. As Dr. Nicolas Reveles, Director of Education and Outreach explains, Anooshah was being trained as a young voice student when Dr. Reveles began teaching at USD, so many memories are shared as well as the excitement of a locally schooled baritone who's making an international career as an opera singer! He also shares how he got his start in the business through a rather roundabout gateway...enjoy!

Samson and Delilah by Eric Shanower

Wednesday's Orchestra Tech rehearsal brought San Diego Opera's Official Unofficial Comic Artist Eric Shanower (Age of Bronze and Oz series) back to the theatre to live sketch a rehearsal of Samson and Delilah . We were very excited to have Eric see this one. Samson and Delilah is GRAND opera and we wanted to see what Eric would do with it, especially the ballet as he has experience as a dancer and choreographer. The results are below and we're delighted with them. We think you will be too. Once you're done taking these in, go give Eric's official webpage a visit . Tons of great artwork and wonderful books to read. And as always, thank you Eric!   Artwork © 2013 by Eric Shanower. All rights reserved. 

Day 2: Samson and Delilah Digital Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday, February 13, at 10 am, we had our second Samson and Delilah scavenger hunt for R.Black posters. Steven Vail was the first to send his email with the winning codeword, - he finished the race after 38 minutes. The second winner of our R.Black poster was Ali Parsa who responded at 10:51 am. Congratulations! This is how they did it: At 10 am, we posted the following first clue on our Facebook Page:  Translated with any morse code converter like, it said: It told the searcher to visit our web site, then click on Operas, choose Samson and Delilah and take a look at the 'watch & listen' section . The Podcast section of that site included the following text and a linked word (this biblical subject). It lead to an '31 Days of Opera Awesomeness' article about Samson and Delilah . It included a number of bold let

Day 1: Samson and Delilah Digital Scavenger Hunt

On Monday, February 11, at 10 am, we started our first Samson and Delilah Digital Scavenger Hunt. The two winners, who were the first to follow all the clues and ended up with a codeword and email address to sent it to, received a poster of R.Black's Samson and Delilah . The clever Vanessa Zurita finished the hunt first - in just 37 minutes. Congratulations! Our second winner is Greg Argendeli who sent his winning email shortly after Vanessa at 10:44 am. Here is how they did it: At 10 am, we posted the following hint on our Facebook timeline. It was a picture of our 'aria serious?'-blog that included two words in the search field: '10 questions'. In combination with the capital word in the Facebook post 'FIRST', it told the searcher to go to our 'aria serious?'-blog, search for '10 questions' and click on the first answer. In this case, it lead to  'Aria Serious? 10 Questions with Nadia Krasteva'.   The interview w