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The Duets of the 2013 Season

Last week, Dr. Nic talked about arias in our 2013 season, so it seems a logical step for him to discuss duets this week. And there are some beautiful duets in the 2013 season. Don't believe us, take a listen for yourself. And enjoy!

Ten Questions with Ferruccio Furlanetto

Italian bass Ferruccio "Ace of Bass" Furlanetto is no stranger to San Diego Opera. He made his Company debut in 1985 as Oberto has sung often with the Company since then including  the title roles of Don Giovanni, Boris Godunov, Don Quixote as well as King Philip in Don Carlo . In March, Ferruicco brings a new role to us, that of archbishop Thomas Becket in Ildebrando Pizzett's Murder in the Cathedral. Ferruccio took a break between rounds at St. Andrews gold course over the weekend to answer "10 Questions with..." Murder in the Cathedral opens March 30, 2013 for four performances. Aria Serious (AS): First, welcome back to San Diego Opera – we’re very pleased to have you return to us to sing Beckett in Murder in the Cathedral . What have you been up to these past few seasons? Ferruccio Furlanetto (FF): It is always a great joy for me to be back in San Diego in what I consider my American family. In these few past seasons I kept basically doing my favorit

Video Podcast - The Aria of the 2013 Season

Our summer break is over, and Dr. Nic is back with his weekly podcast series Nicolas Reveles which will cover various elements of the operatic artform in order to help us get to know the 2013 International Season. We'll start with the aria, that one thing in opera that so many of us wait for, especially in operas that we know well. What about in operas that we don't quite know as well, like Murder in the Cathedral or Cruzar la cara de la luna? Tune in and find out!