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10 Questions with Roberto de Candia

Roberto di Candia's long awaited debut in San Diego can't come soon enough, so we reached out to him earlier this month for a casual interview and to cool our toes. Can you tell us a little about your role in Falstaff? Sir John Falstaff is an impoverished noble man that carries his life trying to survive with all the means he can and living with two thieves that ensure him a certain amount of money in order to get wine, mostly, and food. Without going too deeply into the plot, we see him trying to “seduce” two ladies, Alice and Meg, in order to get into their purses.Not only, according to me. He also feels like he could be sexy again and really he will feel desirable again. What he doesn’t know is that everybody is making plans against him but he is too smart and wit and in the end he will win over everybody else with his irony. "Tutto nel mondo รจ burla"  How do you relate/feel about your character or their personality? I just love this character