THE ELIXIR OF LOVE by Eric Shanower

Wednesday night saw our unofficial official cartoonist, Eric Shanower, at rehearsals for The Elixir of Love. During the 4 hour rehearsal he was able to sketch quite a few drawing of what was happening on stage. Eric's been doing this with us for quite some time now, and has shared hundreds of drawings, but we think these are our favorites; he managed to capture the delight and whimsy of Donizetti's opera.

When he is not sketching opera, Eric is still working on his award-winning comic book series, The Age of Bronze, a retelling of the Trojan War published by Image Comics. He also works on two amazing comic series based on the Wizard of Oz published by Marvel Comics and IDW. You can learn more about Eric, and pick up some of his wonderful books here. And you really should, because they are quite good. You can also visit his publishing company Hungry Tiger Press for more excellent books.

Artwork © copyright 2014 by Eric Shanower. All rights reserved.


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