From the Department of HELL YES!

Our friends over at Vancouver Opera sent word that Watchmen / V for Vendetta scribe Alan Moore is penning a libretto for the Blur's Damon Albarn's next opera.

Damon penned his first opera, Monkey: Journey To The West with his Gorillaz cohort Jamie Hewlett.

Although very little information has been released on this new opera, you can bet us comic geeking, brit pop loving, opera crazy will be following this one closely.

You can read what we know here.

And a clip from Monkey is below.


Ling said…
all about the comics, britpop and opera? what are the chances?!

we should be totally hanging out!

course, you're alittle further than walking distance. drat curses.
San Diego Opera said…
@lightning in a bottle - think of the trouble we could cause... I shudder just thinking of it ;-)

@kealoha - not as far fetched as one would think. Daniel Handler also plays with Stephin Merritt / The Magnetic Fields / The Gothic Archies. Stephin has already composed a few operas / musical theatre pieces - Orphan of Zhao, Peach Blossom Fan, and My Life as a Fairy Tale. (He also did the musical version of Coraline). So, anything is possible and consider our name on that petition. But we're just excited to get a new The Magnetic Fields album in January. Yesssss!
San Diego Opera said…
Oh yeah - and Handler also wrote the screenplay for "Rick" which was based on Rigoletto. So, yeah, it is not long shot by far...
Opera Betty said…
Shut. Up. They are NOT.

that's awesome.

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