What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

Happy Friday!

What are you listening to this weekend?

The Aria Serious crew will break with tradition and watch opera instead of listening to opera this weekend by heading out the movies to see the broadcast of Don Carlo. We know. We've often commented that we're not fans of these movies - and we're not - we find them boring because part of our opera experience joy is deciding for what to look at on stage and not relying on the decisions of a camera director. The movies make us feel... claustrophobic - for lack of a better word.

But Don Carlo is one of our favorite operas of all time, and we're really looking to seeing Ferruccio "Ace of Basss" Furlanetto sing King Philip - a role he did for us a few seasons back which we maintain is still one of our finest moments on our stage. Besides, there's nothing like sipping coke through a red vine straw at 9 AM in the morning.

After that we'll be taking it easy - it should be hot here so we'll catch up on a bunch of 2010 albums while trying to find the ones that will make it onto our "best of list."

Please have a great weekend and share your listening plans in the comment section below.


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