Opera is Super. And You Can Be Too.

Opera has lots of moving parts. Singers, musicians, choristers, dancers, stagehands - you name it - if it moves it is probably in opera. The unsung heroes of opera (hey, we made an unintentional pun!) are the supernumeraries (or supers) - those with no speaking parts but whose presence helps populate the stage to create a living breathing world.

San Diego Opera is holding an open house for people interested in joining us for the 2011 season (and beyond) as supers. The open house is this Thursday, January 6, 2011 in the evening. Interested individuals are encouraged to call (619) 533-7073 x333 for more information. (If you can't make the open house but are still interested in being a super that's OK and that's still the number to call).Being a super does require lots of time commitment on weekends and evenings. But you get the best seat in the house, but you can't sing along. Don't even think of singing along.

Did we mention there will be cookies?


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