10 Questions with Silvia Tro Santafé

Summer is coming to an end, so it's time to look at some of the artists who will make up our 2012 season. This means the return of our 10 Questions With...

Up first is the lovely Spanish mezzo soprano Silvia Tro Santafé who will make her Company debut as Rosina in our season closer The Barber of Seville.

Silvia specializes in the bel canto repertoire in particular Rossini. Other than bel canto, Ms Tro Santafé also focuses on Handel, Mozart, Massenet and 20th century French repertoire.

She took a few minutes from rehearsals in Naples to answer some questions for us. So, without further ado, 10 Questions With Silvia Tro Santafé.

San Diego Opera (SDO): First, welcome to San Diego Opera! We're very excited to have you making your Company debut with us. Where are you right now and what, if anything, are you

Silvia Tro Santafé (STS): Well, at the moment I am in the middle of rehearsals for Semiramide in Naples singing the role of Arsarce for the first time and having a great time in a new production made by Luca Ronconi, and I am studying in my spare time the role of Pierotto in Linda di Chamonix for a new production in Barcelona Liceu. Then there is Deidamia by Handel in Amsterdam singing Ulisse and then straight onto a plane to San Diego for Barbiere.

SDO: In your own words, can you tell us a little about your Rosina in The Barber of Seville?

STS: Rosina is everything she says in Una voce poco fa, the first time she has a chance to speak for herself. I am a very nice sweet girl with spirit but if anyone crosses me or stops me from getting what I want they will see another side of Rosina they didn’t expect, ‘I will be a viper’ and I have ‘1,000 tricks I can do to get my way’. She is witty and super intelligent, maybe because she has spent so much time reading on her own. She is also beautiful and young, so how much of what she believes is part of her being young? In her own way she loves Almaviva, what happens next, Mozart tells us.

SDO: Is there a favorite moment of yours in this opera?

STS: When I discover that Lindoro is the Count Almaviva. We sing the terzetto and he asks me to marry him. Just at the moment everything is lost and I have been lied to, then everything happens.

SDO: Are there any dream roles that you would love to sing and why? And since we're
dreaming it doesn't even need to be in your fach.

STS: Eboli. I am Spanish, a mezzo soprano, I love her character. The only problem is I haven't lost an eye in a sword fight. But I am sure that can be organised.

SDO: What was your introduction to opera and how did you decide this was the path
you wanted to pursue?

STS: My mother and Grandfather were passionate about opera, we listened all the time at home to radio and recordings. I got involved in children choruses and kept going, master classes etc. I think it chose me, I cant remember making a choice.

SDO: Fill in the blank section: "If I was not an opera singer I would be __________"

STS: Psychologist. I think its the same experience but from the other side.

SDO: Two parter: What's your favorite part of being an international opera singer?
What's your least favorite part?

STS: Favorite: Travelling and meeting new people and seeing new places. Least favorite: away so long from home.

SDO: Some people say there is more to life than opera. We think they're crazy too.
But we'll humor them: do you have any hobbies?

STS: I love dancing. Coming from Spain life at home is full of friends family cooking etc. I love reading and Cinema, skiing, horse riding. I have just been snorkeling on holiday with my family in Mexico.

SDO: Do you have a book next to your bed? What is it?

STS: Javier Marias 'Los Enamoramientos'.

SDO: Name three bands or musicians on your iPod that aren't opera related.

STS: Duffy - Miguel Poveda - Claudio Baglioni

The Barber of Seville opens April 21, 2012 but you'll have a chance to hear more about Silvia as we have numerous interviews and podcasts planned for her in the coming months.


Smorg said…
Snorkeling? She'll love La Jolla when she comes to town! :oD

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