Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can Taste Be Taught?

A fascinating discussion about whether or not an appreciation for opera, art and classical music can be taught to children by their parents (clicking the above link will take you to a 17 minute audio clip on the NPR site), and the article that started the discussion in New York Magazine.

So here's to my mom and dad, who taught me to appreciate opera, art and the finer things in life at a young age. I raise this glass of lukewarm strawberry Yoo-Hoo in your honor, with the understanding we still have some work to do.

- Edward

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Felicia Mehl said...

That's interesting. I guess what you see/hear when you're a kid stays with you. My mom dragged me to all sorts of art exhibits and some opera when I was little--although I never really went to see opera on my own until a few years ago. So it took 20 some years but I guess it's finally paid off! Now I'm hooked. :)