Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celeste Football

Waking me up from my Sunday beer fueled nap on the couch (read: watching football with the dogs) was this gem of a commerical featuring "Celeste Aida" and selling NFL gear. I always like it when opera shows up in commercials, especially when it is selling something that has nothing to do with opera.

- Edward


OperaMan said...

Great one! There is another one I love where some guys sneak beer into the theatre and the bottles break when the soprano hits her notes. Love it.

San Diego Opera said...


I know this ad and love it myself. I'll post it next week, but could be made to post it earlier with some bribes of beer. Just sayin' There are actually a few beer/opera commercials. Mmmm. Beer. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the tenor who is singing?

Tenor4Hire said...

Sounds like Mario Lanza. I think.