Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lego of my Cavaradossi

I honestly didn't think anything out there could top More Cowbell in terms of internet brilliance.

I was wrong.

Youtube user barkingbartok has upped the ante with their brilliant lego creations -- staging abridged operas as performed by lego characters. Part stop action, part puppetry these creations have me smiling with delight. I love the little details -- bending back the figures when they reach for the high notes, the accurate little sets and delightfully simple subtitles -- this just might be the best introduction to opera one can find.

Since Tosca is in tap this season, I've pasted the lego version below. But barkingbartok has also done Carmen, Il trovatore and more. Check them out.

- Edward

Tosca - Act 1, part 1

Tosca - Act 1, part 2

Tosca - Act 2

Tosca - Act 3


OperaMan said...

This is wonderful. And cheaper than seeing one of your operas. I can only afford 2 this year and decided on Rigoletto and Don Quichotte. Look forward to it. Can I put a suggestion in for Faust? Soon? Please?

San Diego Opera said...


Not wishing to turn this into an advert for tickets but you might want to look at our $20 rush tickets if there is something else you want to see but can't afford.

As for Faust, request noted and will be passed on. I'd like to see it return as well. One of my favorites.