Friday, September 12, 2008

What Are You Listening to this Weekend?

Friday is finally here, so it is time to ask, what are you listening to this weekend? My Amazon order finally arrived so I'll celebrate with Harmonium by John Adams. I also took the suggestion of one of our comment posters here and picked up Britten's Curlew River as well.

So, what are you listening plans this weekend?



Felicia said...

Bastianini recital CD and Wunderlich and Hermann Prey in Der Barbier von Sevilla--yes, in German! Interesting, huh? A little weird but I'm too much of a Wunderlich fan to resist.

Hope you like the John Adams!

San Diego Opera said...

I liked the John Adams very much and I think it was a great introduction to his choral and orchestral work. I'm still a fan of NIXON IN CHINA which was my first introduction to his work.

Curious to find my own copy of DER BARBIER VON SEVILLA to hear this one. Color me intrigued.