Thursday, September 25, 2008

Opera, Now With 200% More Pop-ups

The Metropolitan Opera continues its drive for world domination with the announcement of Met Player, an online subscription service that will feature their extensive audio and visual catalog as well as their recent HD productions which will be viewable on your very own computer (or TV).

Innovative idea with some incredibly important and historic performances on file. I might have to fight my own aversion to watching opera in front of my computer or TV.

What's next from the Met? Interactive cameras on the back of seats so audience members can direct their own movie broadcasts as personal keepsakes? Fantasy opera where users can select singers from the Met's own audio library and create a recording with the casts of their own choosing? Life extension research? Time travel? They're like the Dharma Initiative of opera.

Exciting stuff. Take a look at the sample player here.


- Edward


OperaMan said...

I don't know. I think the Met movies and tv shows are a great way to see opera I normally cannot afford. I have no problem seeing opera in a movie theatre or at home, where I can watch it in my underwear, on my nice soundsystem, having a drink, or 3. As a bonus, I can pause when I need to use the bathroom and not be subject to the draconian no-late-seating policy many opera companies employ.

OperaMan said...

Forgot to add.. Fantasy Opera Recordings? I love it. You should be working for the Met. Although it might bump up againt copyright issues and technology limitations. We all have our fantasy opera casts for certain operas.