Bad Boy Don In Bid To Boink the Bride

No. I didn't come up with the headline. It is taken from the British tabloid The Sun who recently ran this article about Don Giovanni . The article, aptly called "Sex, death, booze, bribery, revenge, ghosts ... who said opera is boring?" is the type of coverage I love to read and I think opera deserves. They're right of course, opera is not boring, and in the right hands it can be a transcendent experience. But then if you're reading this, you already know this fact. Still, it is refreshing to see this type of coverage, and the headline got me thinking about other tabloid spiced headlines that can be used to describe various operas.

Soldiers in Sick Girlfriend Swap (Cosi fan tutte)

Two-Timing Tom Ditches Wife for Bearded Lady (The Rake's Progress)

Crazy Step-Mother in Baby-Killing Nightmare (Jenufa)

Raucous Russian Czar Loses Mind, Crown (Boris Godunov)

So have it, and post your best tabloid opera headlines here.



Anonymous said…
It occurs to me that opera could be the equivalent of made-for-TV movies. With that in mind, I humbly present my opera nominations for "Most Likely to Be a Tabloid Headline":

Groom-to-Be Murdered by Suspected Rapist (Don Giovanni)

Prison Guard Revealed to Be Woman, Exposes Corruption (Fidelio)

Newlywed Kills Groom, Dies Mysteriously (Lucia di Lammermoor)

Boston Governor Assassinated by Secretary (A Masked Ball)

Clown Kills Wife, Wife's Boyfriend During Performance (I Pagliacci)

Fisherman Suspected in Death of Young Boy (Peter Grimes)

...and they say TV today is too violent!
Anonymous said…
I threw the wrong baby on the fire - Gypsy tells all
(Il trovatore)

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