A MASKED BALL by Scott Benefiel

Today is starting out wonderful. Not only do we have a performance of A MASKED BALL tonight, but artist Scott Benefiel just sent over his sketches from Comic Artist Night at the Opera. Scott has been an illustrator for several years working as a storyboard, comic book, and conceptual artist for most of his professional life. Recently he designed VFX storyboards for the new COSMOS TV series (which, if you have not seen yet, is awesome), and was part of Aaron Sowd Productions where he created pre-vis storyboard art on feature films for Will Smith's Overbrook Productions. He was a cinematic storyboard artist for 343 Industries on the video game Halo 4 as well. Recent creative endeavors include writing and starring in the internet series Ghost Provokers, a parody of the ghost hunting shows which currently proliferate the airwaves. He also writes and draws the webcomic Cork. You can see more of Scott's work at his website.

Artwork © copyright 2014 by Scott Benefiel. All rights reserved.



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