Diggin' In The Crates

Bring the handiwipes and knee pads, you'll need them.

Aria Serious has received word that Amoeba Records in Los Angeles will be having a special Classical Music/Opera vinyl blowout sale later this month.

Now before you get too excited, remember, this is vinyl - those big ol' platters of music with the grooves in them that you drop a needle onto. So for all two you who actually have working record players at home, this is for you.

See, vinyl is where you're going to find all that out of print music you've been pining over; those recordings you once heard but have never been able to find. And since we're talking 50 cents a record, you can also buy a few things you've never heard of before. Heck, throw caution to the wind and buy a few based on covers alone.

There are very few record stores around these days and I'm afraid an entire generation is missing out on the pleasure of getting on their knees and flipping through the stacks under the bins finding that one elusive gem after hours of searching. Sure there is ebay, but there is something endorphin inducing having earned it, dirty hands, sore knees and all.

The sale also include electro 12'' as well as Reggae for all of you looking to finish up that African Headcharge collection.

Good hunting!
PS - if you find something good and can sleeveface it, send us a picture and we'll put it up on the blog.


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