What Are You Listening to this Weekend?

Friday! Time to ask: what are you listening to this weekend?

The Aria Serious tower will be thumping this weekend with the strains of Strauss and Ariadne auf Naxos. It's been a looong time since we've listened to this one, not sure why we've neglected it for so long.

Rumor also has it that there is a recording of Piotr Beczala's Faust at Lyric Opera floating around on the interwebs but we've yet to find it.

We'll probably end the weekend listening to some Hank Mobley as we just received a bonanza of early Blue Note LPs from a friend who clearly has no taste, and no concept of how much these records are really worth.

Make it good one! And share your listening plans in the comment section below.


Smorg said…
This current heat wave is wearing me out. I think I'll be chilling out to the sound of Tasmin Little playing the Mendelssohn E minor violin concerto... then top that off with the RCA cd of Weber's Oberon. :o)

Have fun with that Ariadne auf Naxos!

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