Lise Lindstrom to the Rescue

We weren't going to announce this one just yet, but since the lovely Opera Chic already did, we'll report it as well.

Soprano Lise Lindstrom, who was scheduled to make her Met debut as Turandot in a few weeks made an early debut last night, replacing Maria Guleghina who pulled out at the last minute.

We received word on good authority (Lise's parents) that Lise had just an hour's notice before her debut.

Why should this interest you? Well, Lise is scheduled to make her San Diego Opera debut in 2011 singing this same role.

We haven't seen any reviews yet but once we do, we'll share them with you.

If you were at the performance last night, let us know what you thought.


LinGin said…
Wasn't at the performance but had one ear listening to Sirius and one ear on the TV rooting on my Phillies. She sounded great; "In questa reggia" is such a treacherous aria and not only did Ms. Lindstrom nail it but it was as lyrically sung as I've ever heard it.

What made it even more satisfying to me is how engaged she and Marcello Giordani were. The Met doesn't give covers stage rehearsals and not much chance to rehearse with the primary cast (particularly in an opera that is regularly in the repertory) so this really was impressive.
Eric said…
I was way back in the cheap seats at the Met, and her "In questa reggia" reached up and punched me in the nose. I thought she was tremendous.
LinGin said…
Following up on my post above, this is from Elizabeth, who posted it on the blog, "Parterre Box."

"There was discussion on an earlier thread as to the amount of preparation Ms. Lindstrom had before her Turandot debut Wednesday night. I learned, directly from Ms. Lindstrom, she received the call at 6:15pm that evening as she was finishing an early dinner. Until that evening’s performance she “….had never before rehearsed on stage, in costume, with any of the others or the orchestra at all.”"

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