What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

Friday! And what a week it has been. A good week, but a very, very, long one.

So it's time to ask: what are you listening to this weekend?

We here at Aria Serious are going to listen to Berg's Lulu as it's been some time since we've given it a close listen and Lulu, like all of Berg, requires a close one.

But first we're going to see the very special, amazing, haunting, Daniel Johnston in concert tonight. We've waited to see this one for years. If it ends early enough we might try pop on over to the Casbah to catch the bluesy funk of The Heavy. But that's a long night and we're already tired now.

What are you listening plans? Share them in the comment section below. And make it a good one!


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What Are You Listening To This Weekend?