Day 2: San Diego Opera Scavenger Hunt

Today's winners are Greg Argendeli who finished the race in just 40 minutes and Nancy Kral who sent her e-mail at 1:39 pm. Congratulations to both!

Here's how they did it:

At 10 am San Diego Opera posted the following album on Facebook:

It included 6 photos. Each contained the name of the artist, their role in The Daughter of the Regiment and an additional word:

When placed in the right order, the additional words said: 'sdopera dot com voices of 2013'. Which translated into the following page on our web site:

Bold letters advised the scavenger hunter to go to the 'aria serious blog' and look for the entry from Jan 15, 2013, which has been posted at 2:56 pm.

The name of that post is 'The Super Captain Chronicles Continue'. At first glance, it looks like a normal blog post, upon closer look however, one should have noticed certain italic letters:


Which, when read forwards, said:

'Go to Facebook, solve The Daughter of the Regiment crossword.'

Back on Facebook, you would have found the crossword from last Wednesday:

The link lead to this crossword with the fifth and last clue:

'P.S. Are you here for the scavenger hunt? Then send an e-mail to, the codeword is the answer to 4 Down.'

The answer to the crossword's 4 Down was 'France'.

And that was it!

Check our Facebook Page at 10 am tomorrow to participate in another scavenger hunt!


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