San Diego Opera's first Digital Scavenger Hunt

Today we kicked-off our first ever Digital Scavenger Hunt. The clever Theodora Kaouki and Tami Johnson were the first successful searchers to claim today's prize two and three hours after we posted the first clue, a Rich Black poster of The Daughter of the Regiment.

Did you try our Scavenger Hunt? Here's a short recap of the clues and hunt below. Four more scavenger hunts are planned this week starting tomorrow at 10 am.

January 21, 2013

At 10 am we posted the first clue on Facebook:

It included a link to the English synopsis of The Daughter of the Regiment on our web site.

If you read the Facebook post carefully you would have spotted the various hints that point toward the ninth C in the text. In this case the ninth C is in 'announces'. It was hyperlinked and lead to the artist page of our Tonio, Stephen Costello.

At first glance it looked like a normal artist page but soon you would have discovered strange text at the bottom:

.’tnemigeR eht fo rethguaD – gnikcolB :eviLlasraeheR’ redlof gniwollof eht ni eulc neddih eht dinF . egap tseretniP s’arepO ogeiD naS ot og ,srehcraes wolleF

Which says the following if it is read backwards from right to left:
Fellow searchers, go to San Diego Opera’s Pinterest page. Find the hidden clue in the following folder 'RehearsalLive: Blocking - The Daughter of the Regiment'.

San Diego Opera's Pinterest folder 'RehearsalLive: Blocking - The Daughter of the Regiment' gave us the third clue:

The picture of Stephen Costello in the right hand corner read 'Stephen Costello: Follow the Link'. Also, all the pictures where uploaded by the user (San Diego Opera) except this picture which was linked to one of our Youtube Videos featuring Dr. Nicolas Reveles.

45 seconds into Dr. Nic's presentation a short message appeared that told the searchers to return to our Facebook Page and to find The Daughter of the Regiment jigsaw puzzle from December 2012.

Here was an additional message that advised the searcher to send an email to to complete the hunt. 

And that was it!

We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to our second Digital Scavenger Hunt. 
Check our Facebook page at 10am tomorrow to participate!


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