The 2013 season has started!

Finally the season has started! Today was our first rehearsal of Daughter of the Regiment with all the singers, conductor and director and it was awesome!

Ian Campbell and Stephen Costello

The day began with a ‘meet and greet’ in the General Managers office where artists and opera staff met each other for the first time. Ian Campbell, always concerned about everyone’s health made his standard San Diego weather joke: ‘We have the same germs as everywhere else but here they wear bikinis!’ After bagels, coffee and hugs, the first music rehearsal began at the Copper Room.

 Ewa Podles, L’ubica Vargicova and Stephen Costello

Ewa Podles who is a veteran when it comes to playing Marquise de Birkenfeld inspired everyone with her breathtaking deep contralto voice. She and Slovakian soprano, L’ubica Vargicova, our Marie, harmonized in a way rarely heard. The sympathetic soprano impressed conductor Yves Abel as well as the rest of the cast with breathtaking high scales and emotional interpretations. American Tenor Stephen Costello will dazzle with his vocal fireworks when he takes on his aria with the nine high C’s.

Yves Abel and Emilio Sagi

Yves Abel took time to make sure that the singing remained true to its roots and the emotional purity of Donizetti’s original score. At his side was Spanish stage director Emilio Sagi who is excited to present the production which has been shown in Geneva, Tokyo, Washington, Houston, Bilbao and Tel Aviv to local audiences.

There is much to look forward too!


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