Day 4: San Diego Opera Scavenger Hunt

Since yesterday's scavenger hunt did not have a winner, we have decided to give the two R.Black posters to today's second and third place. The first place will win 2 tickets to The Daughter of the Regiment on Friday, February 1, 2013, at 7 pm

Here is yesterday's trail of clues:

At 10 am, we posted the following on our Facebook Page:

Yves Abel, our conductor, is in charge of the chorus, orchestra, singers and music. So, the challenge was to find his artist page on The next clue we gave you was: 'to look for what he loves.' 

Since the text did not say what he loves in specific but included the word 'love' in 'The Elixir of Love'. When clicked on it, the searcher was lead to a video on our Youtube channel in which Yves Abel shares his love for The Daughter of the Regiment.

Strange symbols where included in the text:

It is, of course, morse code:

When translated with any online code conversion tool (i.e.: the following message appeared:


Back on Facebook, you would have found the album 'The Daughter of the Regiment - Building the Set'. It included a photo with two birds who are having a conversation.

Here is what they said:

A: 'Are ya serious???'
B: 'Yes, they have been looking for 31 Days.'
A: 'Our Awesomeness is not easy to find.'
B: 'Well, check the blog from 12/04.'
A: 'Alright, let's go there!'

This clue lead to our 'Aria Serious Blog' and the entry from December 4, 2012, named '31 Days of Opera Awesomeness'.

The post included an extra sentence: 'When did we last perform The Daughter of the Regiment?'

And a number of italic letters: search for performance history at

The last time we performed it was in March 1990:

The conductor of that production, Richard Bonynge, was marked red and linked to this year's productions opening night on Saturday 26, 2013.

The events page on Facebook included the final clue, spelled backwards:

.ecirp ruoy mialcot moc.arepods@esurk.nemrac ot ereh uoy dael taht eman s'rotcudnoc eht dneS !ti saw siht ,srehcraeS wolleF

which when read forward said:

Fellow Searchers, this is it! Send the conductor's name that lead you here to to claim your price!

And that was it!

Come back tomorrow at 10 am for The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for 2 tickets to The Daughter of the Regiment on Friday, February 1, 2013!


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