Countdown to Curtain Concludes

Voice of San Diego's Arts coverage - Behind The Scene - has been backstage with us all week following what it takes to present grand opera. From building a set to cast changes, from makeup to costume fittings, if you have ever wanted to know what it takes to make opera happen, grab a chair and a computer screen. We always talk about opera being greater than the sum of its parts and this series captures this better than anything we've ever seen.

Countdown to Curtain - A 10 Part Series

Part 1 - Opera as Turducken

Part 2 - What Went Before

Part 3 - The Maestro of Construction

Part 4 - Costume Handiwork

Part 5 - A Cast Change Scramble

Part 6 - Let There Be Spotlight

Part 7 - Remember Rule Two

Part 8 - Voices from Above

Part 9 - Last Chance for Fixes

Part 10 - The Intensity of the Nerves


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