A Message From Salvatore Licitra

Salvatore Licitra has posted a message on his website announcing his cancellation with us.

As all of us here at the Aria Serious tower have helped a friend move at one time or another we know how debilitating even minor back pain can be. All of us here wish Salvatore a speedy recovery. We'll welcome him in 2013.

Dear Friends,

I am very sorry to inform you that due to a severe back injury I am forced to cancel my concert in Baton Rouge as well as my role debut as Don Jose in Carmen at the San Diego Opera. I suffered a disk herniation which came, of course, unexpected and probably is still an aftereffect of an accident I had in 2009. At the moment I am in a lot of pain and flying is not an option. I am glad when I manage to get on a chair! The doctors ordered me to rest for at least 25 days which destroys my wish to sing in Baton Rouge and at the San Diego Opera.

I put a lot of work into preparation for the debut and am very sad and upset about not being able to perform as scheduled. However, I wish for a quick recovery and hope to see you all when I am back on track hopefully soon.

Love, Salvatore Licitra


Smorg said…
Ouch! Noting bugs like a buckled back, I say. Get well soon, Sr. Licitra!
DTDesigns said…
We send our best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. We, too, look forward to having you here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana one day. With all our love, Diane Tate, BRSO Board Member.

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