What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

Happy Friday.

What are you listening to this weekend?

We'll be catching our last two performances of Faust (tonight and Sunday). It's really a special opera with a special cast. It's also the first opera we saw live many moons ago so it has a special place in our heart.

Saturday we'll finally catch up with a band we've wanted to see live for a long time - The Tree Ring. We've been loving their Generous Shadows LP when it came out a few months back but with opera season it's been hard to catch them (or anyone) in concert lately. They're playing in support of the Donkeys Saturday night at Sushi Gallery.

After that we'll put the iPod on shuffle and listen to what comes.

Have a great weekend and share your picks down below.


Smorg said…
My first weekend off since the mid-January! I'm torn between the last performance of Faust at Civic Theater and the last performance of Carmen (ballet version) at Spreckels... Musing on which one to go to while listening to Mirijam Contzen's Favorite Violin Pieces CD. (Will go to Carmen the opera for sure, though!)

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