Mmmmm. Opera Cake.

Almost as good as beer and opera; opera and cupcakes...

The Opera Tattler keeps on hitting it out of the park with a new painting she just completed called "Cupcake Boccanegra" which consists of cupcakes acting out a scene from Simon Boccanegra. Check it out here.

This of course means those of us here at 'Aria Serious?' will be putting on our baking caps tonight in an attempt to create some real cupcakes to stage in our favorite operas provided we don't eat all the batter first.

Speaking of opera and yummy things, one cannot overlook opera cakes. For a tasty look at this incredible creation, click here but be sure to wipe the drool off the screen.

OK, off to go eat my opera celery sticks now...

- Edward


Anonymous said…
Oooh! And you know.... we can actually unwrap this thing while the soprano is singing her big aria without making that tell-tale candy wrapper comin' off the goodies noise!!

Smorg... firmly believes that a well fed audience is a happy audience... ;o)
Shtinkykat said…
Great. I licked my computer screen only to discover how dusty it was. Bleck, hack, hack.
San Diego Opera said…
Smorg -- But then you have frosting on the fingers that will eventually make it onto the red velvet seats. Unless you're eating red velvet cupcakes -- hey, you know, we might be onto something.

Shtinkykat -- Happens to the best of us, happens to the best of us...

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