We Remember Her When...

Friend of San Diego Opera, German soprano Anja Harteros, just sang her first Violetta in La traviata at the Met Monday night and it was a solid success.

The New York Times said "Harteros sings with an elegantly dark-hued and fluid soprano that is weighty enough to project easily, even in pianissimo moments."

The London Financial Times said "she does command a lustrous, wide-ranging soprano capable of much thrust in moments of abandon, much shimmer in passages of introspection, and much suavity between the extremes. She manages the florid outbursts with expressive point yet without feverish exaggeration. She sustains the long, arching lines with easy grace. She looks lanky, lovely and elegant, moves meaningfully, respects the line that separates pathos from self-indulgence."

Anja sang her first Violetta on our stage in 2004 and we knew then that this would be a special role for her (that's her up above from our production in a photo by Ken Howard). For those who like to plan in advance, she'll be joining us as Mimi in La boheme opposite Piotr Beczala to open the 2010 season.

Brava Anja!

-- Edward


Anonymous said…
This is one artist I'm really looking forward to experiencing! You guys at SDO rock for getting her for so many shows!
Anonymous said…
I saw her when she first appeared here for Violeta in La Traviata. After the many bravas and curtain calls, I understood for the first time why people enjoy opera. I am not an opera buff, but I know a good voice when I hear one. If you want to hear someone who will knock your socks off, plan on telling all your friends to come hear her sing. Not only can she sing, she is downright pleasant on the eyes!! I can't wait!!

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