What Are You Listening To This Weekend

Friday comes faster than I can find pictures of cute animals listening to music. But not fast enough for me to stock up on a new cd to listen to over the weekend. Saturday is all about Strauss. All about Der Rosenkavalier to be more specific. Why? I'll sheepishly confess I've never listened to it all the way to completion. Bhaaad, I know.

Time permitting I will dive into the beautiful, haunting, surreal world of Daniel Johnston.

What are you listening to this weekend?

- Edward


Anonymous said…
Very baaaadd indeed! I hope you're listening to an uncut version of the thing (Der Rosenkavalier) then... :o) Maybe the Solti '86 with Crespin?

Smorg is condemned to listen to a bunch of coloratura soprano stuff this weekend in my search for the birdiest songs in opera. Wonder why composers don't write some bird songs for lower voices, too... I'm a mezzophile and wouldn't mind hearing a deep mezzo sounding like an ostrich or an emu (they're avians, too, after all). :o)

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