While You Were Out

Over the weekend:

Composer John Adams is being followed by the government and his phone is most probably tapped he reveals in an interview with The Guardian. His very own Dr. Atomic was also released on DVD recently and is worth checking out. Maestro, since we care, we here at Aria Serious have found tinfoil hats to work wonders in keeping the thought police away. Plus, we get our local NPR station through the fillings in our teeth.

Closer to home and very alarming news is that the Lyric Opera of San Diego is having financial problems. Saddled with an incredibly high mortgage, donations are down and the administration is calling for help.

As someone who loves opera and lives in the North Park community, this is concerning news for me. Lyric Opera does what they set out to do quite well, and my wife and I love the fact that we can walk to performances there, have dinner on the way over and drinks on the way back. A townhall style meeting will happen in the future. In the meantime, you can support the theatre by attending a scary halloween inspired movie this month.

- Edward


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