What Are You Listening To This Weekend

Friday again, so it is time to ask, what are you listening to this weekend?

For me, nothing. I have a side yard to clear, level and landscape so I'll be listening to something fast and loud to cover up the swear words I'll be muttering under my breath. I hate yard work.

Monday however, when I'm in traction, will provide me with enough time to catch up on my listening duties. I do have Pique Dame on deck, but that will wait until next week when I'm laying in the cool shade of my hammock in my new backyard.

So, what are you listening to this weekend?

- Edward


Anonymous said…
Pique Dame! I'm having a hard time liking that thing for some reason. :o( Love the Lisa-Pauline Duet and Yletsky's aria, of course, but not much else. Good luck! :o)

Smorg... is smorging on a diet of rare operas this week. Today goes to Verdi's Luisa Miller from Lyon (J Anderson), and tomorrow, Haydn's L'incontro improvviso... On the stand by dock as the 'emergency rescue' CD is the air-check of 'Lucrezia Borgia' from Barcelona this February. A friend of mine was there and reported that Gruberova got some 37 minutes worth of curtain... Amazing! :o)

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