You Sunk My Battleship!

Next up in the occasional series of opera and commercials is this one from Milton Bradley. I remember this commerical growing up, and once it aired every time someone yelled "you sunk my battleship" it would be met with a resounding "shhhhh" from everyone else in the room. We don't condone playing Battleship in our theatre but if you must play a game, then we suggest a friendly match against this cheating computer.

Otherwise you can cue up your Tristan und Isolde DVD and play with your friends in the living room.

- Edward


Anonymous said…
Sometimes I wish singers would shush chatty audience members, since they don't respond to their fellow seat mates very well. Maybe public humiliation is the way to get some folks to keep their narration, comments, candy wrappers, etc. to themselves. Then again, Tristan and Isolde is rather long and, my, how they go on about night and day and day and night...

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